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Direct download: G2VSAT6122513. p3 Category: G2V Podcast. But the podcasting you can leave to John and the Rift Network. It's Christmas once again and John sits down to take a moment to breathe and reflect on the year passed. And to all a good night.

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Why has the season all of a sudden made mentions of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Thrones tries to avoid cliches we see a lot and resurrections and fake deaths we see a lot in other shows. Remember the size of his Mum from the very first episode. There doesn't seem to be any wins, for the goodies. I'm just a little despondent and deflated after the ep.


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The biggest difficulty, however, was that a catastrophic flood at the scale Bretz was describing was almost biblical in proportion, and this notion was directly at odds with the idea of Uniformitarianism. This model has served the geologic community well because, in general, geological changes averaged over eons do occur slowly. Geologists from that era attributed the creation of the Channeled Scablands to glacial erosion, which was much more in keeping with theories of Uniformitarianism. Before this acceptance would occur, all of the pieces of the puzzle had to come together. Most of these studies have occurred in Iceland, which has a unique environment, because it has active volcanoes that create hot crustal conditions yet is a glaciated region.


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